Sunday, March 11, 2007

Window Shopping at Bordeaux

Mummy gave me some rice kripes to feed the pigeon but i feed myself instead... ^_^

Nothing special in the photos except our darlings and mummies.. so cute and adorable..

While taking the family photos, Shannon automatically adjust herself in the middle..

"Orchard Road" in Bordeaux

Tired??? but daddy and mummy is much more tired than you.. *_*

After daddy came back from, we went to Carrefour in Bordeaux for some groceries shopping. Took lunch at MacDonald.. Shannon had her first MilkShake and she seems to enjoy it. We went to the Vietnamese Shop which sells Chinese Vegetables/food for more groceries shopping after lunch. We headed to Bordeaux Central for some window shopping. Daddy bought a Nemo Trolley Bag for Shannon as her Birthday Present. She loves it and start pulling it after we have paid. We went home about 7pm as its getting colder (around 6 degree).. We have to give up the trip to the Fun Fair as we did not bring our winter jacket out.
Shannon will be excited if we bring her there!

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