Saturday, April 7, 2007

Shannon's dogdog is sick....

Well... she dropped her dogdog in the toilet bowl last night (as much as i guessed earlier).She looked very guilty and sad when she passed the dogdog to me or rather when i saw her walking out the toilet panickly... she showed me the dogdog indicating that the dogdog's head is wet... so i washed dogdog's head but she refused to let me hang it to dry. No choice lah.. got to dry it with the hair dryer... when she is distracted by other things, i hanged the dogdog near the heater and glad enough that it was dried when she was looking for it.

This morning... I told her that her dogdog catched a cold... She took out Damian's Doctor Toy and pretended to be a doctor!!! She listened to the heartb on front and even the back of the dog using the Stethoscope. When I mentioned dogdog needs medicine, she will put the stringe in the dogdog's mouth like how she drink medicine from a stringe.
Sometimes I just feel amazing that she can remember the details during her visit to the doctor and even act it out.

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