Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can you feel her kisses?

Shannon Kissing SanYi and YiZhang

Shannon Kissing XiaoYi

Shannon Kissing Ah Gong

Shannon Kissing Ah Mah

Shannon Kissing ErYi

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shannon, my good girl...

I went to pick her up at1120am with Serene and Damian... I only managed to book 2 lessons next week and it starts at 830am!! I was glad to see that Shannon not crying but playing at the playground ... I shouted her name twice and when she saw me, she came running into my arms immediately and excitedly ...I felt so relief when Peggy told me that she cried for only awhile after I left this morning. We waved goodbye to the teachers and headed to my friend, Dawn's house who is staying somewhere between La Teste and La Hume.

We had a great time, we mummies were chatting away and 4 kids were playing happily too. We only reached home at 4:30pm which was too rush to cook a proper dinner. In the end, we cooked Fried Rice with grilled chicken wings and dined together with Serene's family. :)

To Continue or To Stop

Shannon resumed her playgroup today, she was still crying very sadly when I left. It breaks my heart and left me wondering whether to continue with her playgroup or to stop for awhile.... Whenever I tell her that we are going to school, her answer will be forever NO. She cried in a car when I was driving to her playgroup...

I am fine whether she goes to the playgroup or stay at home with me... but I definitely don wan to affect her emotionally...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Never Never Underestimate your child's talent!

Shannon completed a 12 piece Puzzle without any help today. I was so surprised and proud of her... This puzzle is at Damian's house thus she don't get to play it everyday, I would usually help her whenever she wants to play. She completed twice because I thought the she got help from Auntie Serene for the first time. Thus, I messed up the puzzle and let her try again.. and to our surprise!, she did it again!! I will try to take a video on it next time. ^_^

Monday, May 28, 2007

Skipped School

These 2 nights, Shannon vomited after coughing. Thus, we decided to cancel her lesson this morning. Last night, we prepared a basin for her to vomit and she was very co-operative. She vomited directly into the basin. This saved our trouble of cleaning and changing her at wee hour.

Weekend was quite boring as the weather had been bad these few days. :( Thunderstorm and strong winds will continue for the next few days. Xianz.... This morning, I realised our slippers were blown from the garden door to the middle of the garden, the picnic table had turned upside down and one of the branches of the trees in our neighbour's garden was also broken.

She will resume her playgroup on Wednesday and hope she can adapt the 2 hrs lesson.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


This 2 mornings, when I told Shannon that we are going to school, she will start to cry and refuse to wear her shoes and even try to close the door to stop us from going out. After some struggling, she will have no choice but to go up the car.

Yesterday was a sunny day, thus the teachers brought the children to the playgroud. She got excited and started playing with the toys. However, she still cried when I told her I was leaving. I left the school and went for window-shopping to kill my time. When I went back the school at 1020, she was playing quietly in the arms of the teacher. I packed her bag into the car and went looking for her. She was crying when I saw her. The teacher told me that some sand got into her eyes, thus she cried.

Today, Daddy followed us to school today. As usual, she cried when we were leaving. Daddy wanted to stay longer outside the room to check the duration she cried, but I told him its better to leave it to the teacher to handle. We went grocery shopping and went back at 1030. She was sitting on the teacher's lap scooping macaroni/beans/peas from one plate to another. She continued her game even when she saw us. After awhile, she stood up and walk to us and when she said Au voir to the teacher, she even gave her a blowing kiss. When we asked her to give teacher a hug, she did it without hesitation. What an improvement she had today... :)

Too bad, there will be no class tomorrow, hope we do not have to start all over again next Monday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Do you miss her Pole Dancing???

Hot and Sunny Day

After a week of cloudy days, finally the sun decided to come out today!!! Daddy put up his favourite hammock up and Shannon enjoyed herself swinging in the hammock too. Daddy also adjusted the height of the swing so that she can use swing herself instead of waiting for us to push her. Look at the videos and you will know she really enjoyed the swing.
I love sunny days but hate to get darker and darker.... I realised i got darker for just out in the sun for half an hr. Summer is coming! Which means I will even be more tanned. For Shannon's sake, I had already accepted the fact that I am going to be uglier and uglier each day due to the pigmentation problem on my face. The white spots will be getting more and more obvious and I will look like a monkey in no time.... :(

Shannon kissing Mummy....*Sweet* ;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shannon wants Daddy

Daddy is on Night Shift this week thus we sent Shannon to her playgroup together. Daddy waited in the car while i dropped shannon to the playgroup. She started to cry for daddy when we stepped inside. No choice, asked her daddy to follow us. Maybe she thought that daddy will save her .. hehehe... She wasn't as co-operative as last week.. She couldn't stop crying no matter how we coaxed her.. The teacher took over and signalled us to go.

We went to buy some vegetables and I bought some clothes as well.. ^_^ We reached the playgroup at 1025 and saw her sleeping in the teacher's arm. Once daddy called out her name, she started crying. The teacher told us that it's normal for toddlers to behave like this and that Shannon cried for awhile till she fell asleep in her arms.

Today is a busy day for me... Cook, vaccum, mop and updating her blog.. Shannon looks tired today, she slept at 220pm and still sleeping now. I do not want to wake her up and she is not fully recovered from her sickness.... but wonder how late she is going to sleep tonight. -_- and HAHAHA she just rolled off the sofa and almost fell but instead squatted down & woke up. I think she haven't recovered from the shock yet. Oh and now she's crawling like zhenzi. ah... my cute daughter :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thank You SanYi and YiZhang

We finally received the sweets from SanYi and Yi Zhang. When Daddy asked Shannon whether she knew what yiyi sent, she answered "sweet sweet" hahaha.. She seemed to remember that Yiyi told her during video conference that they were going to send her her favourite sweets 2 weeks ago.

She was very excited when opening the envelope. When she pulled the clothes out, she put it on herself and said " 美美" ... Watch the 2 videos and you will know how happy and excited she was... ^_^

Video 2

Shannon is Sick!!

Shannon woke up with fever this morning. The fever went up twice today but luckily the highest was only at 37.8˚C. I really dont know the cause of this up and down fever but it might due to the bad weather last week. There was no sun for the whole of last week and almost everyday was cloudy with slight rain. She might have caught a cold while traveling to and fro school or maybe she caught the virus from the playgroup. Another reason might be that she is adjusting herself to adapt to her playgroup. I ever heard that the changes in environment or the adapting to new things might cause stress to the toddlers and thus fever... Sometimes, I dont know whether I should bring her to the doctor because they only consider fever for temp bove 38˚C. *shrugs

Friday, May 18, 2007


Shannon had no school today...I felt so bored for the whole morning. Actually my neighbour asked me to go Biscarrosse today but I rejected them because Shannon was having a slight fever yesterday and the weather was cold as well. While I was on the webcam with my parents, I smelt something burning. I checked around the house and saw firefighters running outside my house.

I went out and realised that the one of the apartments caught a fire. While they were busy putting out the fire, I was also busy bringing Shannon in and out the house to check it out. I sneakily took some photos on the request of Jason. Got to be sneakily lah, later the French thought I gloat at their misfortune..

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday, Daddy brought us for buffet lunch to celebrate belated Mothers' Day. Although it was impressive as it was sumptuous and tasted heavenly, but I found it just too expensive (46 € for 2 adults + 1 kid). Thus, I will consider this lunch as a celebration for Fathers' Day too... hehehe

Shannon took a nap after lunch then we brought her to JardiLand to see some pets. Daddy intends to buy and rear some fishes for Shannon. Initially, Shannon was initially very excited to see the rabbits and hamsters. but she became more interested in dogs that the French brought later on into the shop. She followed around and kept stroking the dogs she came across. Luckily, most of the French are friendly and would stop and let her play with their dogs...
In the end, we didn't buy any fishes as Daddy said we have to prepare the water in the tank before we put any fish inside. ^_^

Dancing in the car...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 2

This morning, Shannon didn't want to let go my hand when we reached her playgroup. I repeatedly told her that I will come back to pick her up later. After 5 min, she reluctantly let me go.

I walked to the Pharmacy and bought some cough medicine and happened to meet a staff who speaks English, thus I managed to get a bottle of leave-on hair cream and a cold cream (for dry skin due to weather)for Shannon. I bought a small broom for Shannon as she loves to help sweeping the floor in the garden.

I reached the school at about 1025 and peeked at her... She was sitting on Peggy's lap playing with the toys. I went to look for Christine to plan schedule. The class is quite full; I only managed to book for 3 days next week as well as the following week.

When I entered the room, I saw Shannon crying loudly. She ran to me and hugged me tightly. I showed her the broom I bought for her and she stopped crying. Peggy said that she adapted better than yesterday. However, I felt that the "tear mark" on her shirt is more than yesterday's and her eyes were much more swollen as well..While I was wearing her shoes, I asked her why is she crying and she said Mummy.. Mummy...

I brought her to Didi's house for lunch and came back at about 1:45pm...

Can you see her Tears Mark?

While I was writing this post, she woke up twice, crying .... Hope she is not terrified to go to her playgroup again. Luckily tomorrow is a Public Holiday and playgroup is full on Friday; she will only resume her playgroup next Monday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

After playgroup...

I asked my neighbour along to pick Shannon up and went marketing at HyperU. When I reached the playgroup, Shannon was crying sadly in one of the teacher's arm. I saw her bag beside her and guessed that she was trying to ask the teacher to go out and find me. When she saw me, she ran to me crying even louder. The caretaker told me that its normal but tomorrow will be changed to 1 hr instead of 2hr to give her more time to adapt.

After picking her up, we went for some marketing and reached home at 12pm. While walking back to the car, she fell down on her back and knocked her head again!!! I think she must have tripped herself but don't know how...

She is having her nap now... Hope she will not have any nightmare later..

Shannon "Big Day"

Today, Shannon will start staying in the playgroup for 2 hours without me. Looks like she is adapting well... I gave her favorite "dogdog" to her and asked her to look after it and "dogdog" will do so too and Mummy will go back later to pick her up. She nodded her head, walked to a corner and started to play with the toys. I planned to wait outside the playgroup for that hour but couldn't help thinking what she was doing inside, thus I went home.

Suddenly, I felt that my baby Shannon has grown up... I can't help feeling sad... I missed her last night.. I was craving for "free time" few months ago and now I feel lonely and empty without her around. She doesn't need Mummy to be around now, and when she grows up, she will be like us, yearning to go out with friends.

Of course, on the other hand... I am proud of her being so independent and understanding. She is such a darling to me...

Time's Up!! Got to pick her up now...Yeah..

Monday, May 14, 2007

Expensive Rice Dumplings

The rice dumpling cost us SGD 5.00 each!!! It was made and sold by one of his colleagues. Luckily it taste good.. Shannon loves it too.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Watching Fireworks at Archacon

Archacon is celebration 150 years Anniversary today and they are having fireworks at 10pm.

On our way to Pheonix Restaurant for Dinner

After dinner, we had a stroll at the beach. Shannon was so happy and excited when we reached the beach.

Too bad, we didn't get to watch the Finale of the Fireworks because of the rain... We will be back on the Assumption Day!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mummy's Car

When I parked the car, Shannon said to me " Mummy, I drive" Hahaha

Third Day at the Playgroup

Shannon seems to be well-adapted in the playgroup. However, she would go around looking for us when we try to "disappear" during the 1 hr. She still plays alone in the playgroup. I think it is normal as I saw quite a number of "loners" there. :P But of course, I would love that she can mingle around with her new friends.

Next Tuesday, she will be there on her own for 1 hr and another 2hrs on Wednesday. Oh ya, I will be driving her to the playgroup by myself starting from next Monday as well. I doubt she will let me go... Let's hope everything will be fine.

Oh and, its really a "play" group... They only "play" during that period of time. Maybe I will just let her go for 2 hrs per day instead of 3hrs. We stopped our "shichida lesson" for so long and it's time to pick it up again and get her brain activated again...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Day At The Playgroup

Today is the first day of the adaptation class (1 hr) for the Playgroup. Parents are allowed to be with their kids for the whole hr of the class. This morning, when I asked her whether she wants to go to the school and she answered yes happily.

She was very enthusiastic when she reached there. She started to play with the toys in the room without any problem. When the time was up, she didn't want to leave the place. I told her that we will be coming tomorrow and after awhile she waved goodbye to her friends and left with us. Thru observation, I am not so worried about the language barrier between her and the teacher as she seemed to understand what the teacher wanted her to do by looking at her body language.

Oh ya, I drove her to school today!!! Daddy was sitting behind as a mentor.. I am still abit nervous especially on the narrower roads. Shannon made my day when she said she wanted mummy to drive.. Heehee. ^_^ Now, daddy is asking me to drive her to school by myself tomorrow !!! I know I can do it!!!