Wednesday, May 9, 2007

2 Great Falls Withing 8 Hours :(

Last evening, during the bbq gathering, Shannon fell down from the chair in the garden and had a bump on her head again. Luckily this time, there is no scar. Her scar from the previous fall had not faded yet. I think I must get some "Vitamin E" gel to apply on it.

To make things worse, she fell down from the bed around 3am in the morning!!! I was very angry with daddy as he knew she rolled over him and slept on the edge. Instead of shifting her back to the center, he just let her be. Poor baby had 2 falls within 8 hrs!!! Couldn't find any bump this time, but I had problem falling back to sleep as I was constantly checking on her.

Luckily, this morning the bump subsided and she is happily preparing to go to her playgroup.

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