Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday, Daddy brought us for buffet lunch to celebrate belated Mothers' Day. Although it was impressive as it was sumptuous and tasted heavenly, but I found it just too expensive (46 € for 2 adults + 1 kid). Thus, I will consider this lunch as a celebration for Fathers' Day too... hehehe

Shannon took a nap after lunch then we brought her to JardiLand to see some pets. Daddy intends to buy and rear some fishes for Shannon. Initially, Shannon was initially very excited to see the rabbits and hamsters. but she became more interested in dogs that the French brought later on into the shop. She followed around and kept stroking the dogs she came across. Luckily, most of the French are friendly and would stop and let her play with their dogs...
In the end, we didn't buy any fishes as Daddy said we have to prepare the water in the tank before we put any fish inside. ^_^

Dancing in the car...

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