Monday, May 21, 2007

Shannon wants Daddy

Daddy is on Night Shift this week thus we sent Shannon to her playgroup together. Daddy waited in the car while i dropped shannon to the playgroup. She started to cry for daddy when we stepped inside. No choice, asked her daddy to follow us. Maybe she thought that daddy will save her .. hehehe... She wasn't as co-operative as last week.. She couldn't stop crying no matter how we coaxed her.. The teacher took over and signalled us to go.

We went to buy some vegetables and I bought some clothes as well.. ^_^ We reached the playgroup at 1025 and saw her sleeping in the teacher's arm. Once daddy called out her name, she started crying. The teacher told us that it's normal for toddlers to behave like this and that Shannon cried for awhile till she fell asleep in her arms.

Today is a busy day for me... Cook, vaccum, mop and updating her blog.. Shannon looks tired today, she slept at 220pm and still sleeping now. I do not want to wake her up and she is not fully recovered from her sickness.... but wonder how late she is going to sleep tonight. -_- and HAHAHA she just rolled off the sofa and almost fell but instead squatted down & woke up. I think she haven't recovered from the shock yet. Oh and now she's crawling like zhenzi. ah... my cute daughter :)

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