Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Day At The Playgroup

Today is the first day of the adaptation class (1 hr) for the Playgroup. Parents are allowed to be with their kids for the whole hr of the class. This morning, when I asked her whether she wants to go to the school and she answered yes happily.

She was very enthusiastic when she reached there. She started to play with the toys in the room without any problem. When the time was up, she didn't want to leave the place. I told her that we will be coming tomorrow and after awhile she waved goodbye to her friends and left with us. Thru observation, I am not so worried about the language barrier between her and the teacher as she seemed to understand what the teacher wanted her to do by looking at her body language.

Oh ya, I drove her to school today!!! Daddy was sitting behind as a mentor.. I am still abit nervous especially on the narrower roads. Shannon made my day when she said she wanted mummy to drive.. Heehee. ^_^ Now, daddy is asking me to drive her to school by myself tomorrow !!! I know I can do it!!!

3 friends commented ^_^:

Clarice said...

where is shannon's sch located? r u stil nervious driving to sch by yrself? wat x is her sch hrs? i really envy you lei so happy there can fuly concentrate on taking care of her. take care

jeslyn said...

omggg so adoable esp the picture of her pulling her own bag!~
aww man how i wish i could see her grow up. anyways, so happy that she's eager to go to sch! love you twoo! mwah!

Shannon's Mummy said...

To Clarice
Shannon's playgroup is located around HyperU.. Still abit nervous when driving... Her playgroup hrs is planned by us.. Intend to let her go between 9:30 to 12:30..