Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot and Sunny Day

After a week of cloudy days, finally the sun decided to come out today!!! Daddy put up his favourite hammock up and Shannon enjoyed herself swinging in the hammock too. Daddy also adjusted the height of the swing so that she can use swing herself instead of waiting for us to push her. Look at the videos and you will know she really enjoyed the swing.
I love sunny days but hate to get darker and darker.... I realised i got darker for just out in the sun for half an hr. Summer is coming! Which means I will even be more tanned. For Shannon's sake, I had already accepted the fact that I am going to be uglier and uglier each day due to the pigmentation problem on my face. The white spots will be getting more and more obvious and I will look like a monkey in no time.... :(

Shannon kissing Mummy....*Sweet* ;)

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