Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shannon, my good girl...

I went to pick her up at1120am with Serene and Damian... I only managed to book 2 lessons next week and it starts at 830am!! I was glad to see that Shannon not crying but playing at the playground ... I shouted her name twice and when she saw me, she came running into my arms immediately and excitedly ...I felt so relief when Peggy told me that she cried for only awhile after I left this morning. We waved goodbye to the teachers and headed to my friend, Dawn's house who is staying somewhere between La Teste and La Hume.

We had a great time, we mummies were chatting away and 4 kids were playing happily too. We only reached home at 4:30pm which was too rush to cook a proper dinner. In the end, we cooked Fried Rice with grilled chicken wings and dined together with Serene's family. :)

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