Thursday, May 24, 2007


This 2 mornings, when I told Shannon that we are going to school, she will start to cry and refuse to wear her shoes and even try to close the door to stop us from going out. After some struggling, she will have no choice but to go up the car.

Yesterday was a sunny day, thus the teachers brought the children to the playgroud. She got excited and started playing with the toys. However, she still cried when I told her I was leaving. I left the school and went for window-shopping to kill my time. When I went back the school at 1020, she was playing quietly in the arms of the teacher. I packed her bag into the car and went looking for her. She was crying when I saw her. The teacher told me that some sand got into her eyes, thus she cried.

Today, Daddy followed us to school today. As usual, she cried when we were leaving. Daddy wanted to stay longer outside the room to check the duration she cried, but I told him its better to leave it to the teacher to handle. We went grocery shopping and went back at 1030. She was sitting on the teacher's lap scooping macaroni/beans/peas from one plate to another. She continued her game even when she saw us. After awhile, she stood up and walk to us and when she said Au voir to the teacher, she even gave her a blowing kiss. When we asked her to give teacher a hug, she did it without hesitation. What an improvement she had today... :)

Too bad, there will be no class tomorrow, hope we do not have to start all over again next Monday.

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