Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shannon's Language Development

Recently, I noticed that Shannon have picked up more words. So, as I observed, I jotted down all the words she used/ said.

Angry Apple Baby Bag Ball Balloon Bang Bear Bird Black Blow Book Bubbles Butterfly Byebye Cane Car Cat Chair Cheese Chew Chocolate Chop Clean Clock Close Cold Come Cover Cry Cut Daddy Dance Dirty Dog Down Draw Drop Duck Ear Egg Elephant Elmo Eyebrow Eyes Fall Finish Fish Flower Fly Frog Go Hair Happy Have Head Heavy Help Here Home Horse Hot Inside Itchy Iron Jojo Jump Key Kick Knock Leg Light Medicine Merci Milk Mommy More Morning Mouse Mouth Nice Night NO Off On Open Orange Pain Pat Phone Pig Play Please Porridge Pull Push Put Rabbit Rain Raining Round Sad Scare See Rice Shannon Shoe Sit Slide Snail Snow Socks Song Soup Spoilt Spoon Stand Star Step Sunshine Swim Swing Take Teeth Thanks There Throw Ticker Tongue Toys Turn Up Walk Wake Want Wash Water Wet Wing Write Yeah Yes You

抱 谢谢 起来 姨姨 公 嬷 丈 跌到 背 被 痛 揉 菜 肉 豆 臭 大便 拿 画 躺 搽 美美 排

Other Languages Merci (thanks in French), Giap (夹), PongPong (bath) ShhhShhh (when she needs to urine) Orh Orh (sleep) Sayang, Wee (when playing slide), pui (when she vomit) Shhh (as in quiet), cekcek (uncle), Papa, Mama

Etc.. etc..

After listing down all the words, I found to my surprise that she could speak more than 150 words now. Well of course she couldn't pronounce exactly what it should be but, its close enough for me to understand. She is also trying to use sentences as well, eg. I want, I have, . And she is able to sing out some of the lyrics along with the songs. On top of that, she knows how to recite 1-10 and A-Z after us.

Now, here is my worry. We were too used to speak baby language to her. As a result, all single syllable words became 2 syllables… She would say bear bear, shoe shoe, sock sock, cat cat etc etc...

Guessed I have to brush up my English and cut down on our baby language when speaking to her...*_*

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