Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our Garden, Shannon's Playground...

This is our garden!!! Daddy loves the trees because he can tie his hammock up during summer time. He loves sunbathing in the garden too. Most importantly, this will be Shannon's playground!!! We will be getting her a bigger slide next year. Oh ya, Daddy bought a small "swimming pool" for her to enjoy during summer time as well. We will try to source for the Motorised Car (present from Sanyi and SanyiZhang) as soon as possible.

We also intend to grow some vegetables during spring and summer time and of course, some seasonal flowers like Tulips and Mommy's favourite, Sunflower. The vegetables at the Chinese stores are really expensive. One packet of Bean Sprouts or Chye Sim can cost us SGD 4 when you can get it less than SGD 1 back home! :P

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