Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shannon "Big Day"

Today, Shannon will start staying in the playgroup for 2 hours without me. Looks like she is adapting well... I gave her favorite "dogdog" to her and asked her to look after it and "dogdog" will do so too and Mummy will go back later to pick her up. She nodded her head, walked to a corner and started to play with the toys. I planned to wait outside the playgroup for that hour but couldn't help thinking what she was doing inside, thus I went home.

Suddenly, I felt that my baby Shannon has grown up... I can't help feeling sad... I missed her last night.. I was craving for "free time" few months ago and now I feel lonely and empty without her around. She doesn't need Mummy to be around now, and when she grows up, she will be like us, yearning to go out with friends.

Of course, on the other hand... I am proud of her being so independent and understanding. She is such a darling to me...

Time's Up!! Got to pick her up now...Yeah..

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