Friday, May 11, 2007

Third Day at the Playgroup

Shannon seems to be well-adapted in the playgroup. However, she would go around looking for us when we try to "disappear" during the 1 hr. She still plays alone in the playgroup. I think it is normal as I saw quite a number of "loners" there. :P But of course, I would love that she can mingle around with her new friends.

Next Tuesday, she will be there on her own for 1 hr and another 2hrs on Wednesday. Oh ya, I will be driving her to the playgroup by myself starting from next Monday as well. I doubt she will let me go... Let's hope everything will be fine.

Oh and, its really a "play" group... They only "play" during that period of time. Maybe I will just let her go for 2 hrs per day instead of 3hrs. We stopped our "shichida lesson" for so long and it's time to pick it up again and get her brain activated again...

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