Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Adapting Well In the Playgroup

As usual, she was reluctant to go to the school this morning. But surprisingly, she stopped crying after we left her with her teacher less than 5 minutes. We knew it because Daddy was waiting for Christine to pass him the bills. We went back to picked her up at 10:30 after some groceries shopping. Today, I brought the camera along with me and took some photos of her.

She was playing with her friends when we reached.

When she saw us, she jumped with joy and walked towards us :D

She walked to us but reluctant to leave the place!

Photos of kids who were attending the playgroup

Teacher told us that she was behaving very well today. Shannon started to communicate with teachers and friends as well as playing together with them! Moreover, we can start scheduling to 3 hrs lessons starting from next week but I would prefer to remain 2 hrs at the moment. Bravo, my dear Shannon!!! Oh ya, there will a potluck gathering in the school on 1st July and we were still considering whether to join the fun!

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