Friday, June 22, 2007

Lunch Time at the Playgroup

Shannon's playgroup starts their lunch at 11.30am. However, she leaves the playgroup at 12pm. So I will pack some biscuits, a packet of milk, in order for Shannon to join them for half an hour and sometimes, they have their lunch in the garden!

Maybe I should let them handle her lunch as well. This will be a fantastic training for her!!! Firstly, she will learn to sit down quietly with others during lunch. Secondly, she will learn to eat all the food by herself! Lastly, I will vomit less blood at home when feeding her... hahaha

However, I am going to have big problem preparing her lunch! If you look carefully, the kids are having western food like spaghetti, pasta, ham which Shannon does not like any of it. Can you imagine if she's the only one eating chinese food? What other kinds of food can I let her bring to school? Fried Noodles? Fried Rice? Porridge? -_-'

1 friends commented ^_^:

Jo said...

Fried rice or beehoon will be great!! :)