Friday, June 29, 2007

Lunching at the Playgroup!

On Wednesday, Shannon's teacher told me that I could prepare lunch for Shannon as she asked her for a plate during their lunchtime. Thus I woke up at 730am this morning to prepare Fried Rice for her to bring to school. I added her favourite Green Peas to the Fried Rice! I was quite surprised when teacher told me that she actually finished her bowl of rice!

She is adapting very well in the playgroup, at least she is not struggling anymore when I bring her to the playgroup. She will still "yee yee hor hor" and clung onto me when we reached the playgroup " ... However, when I walked out the room, she would happily enjoy her time with the teacher within minutes. At least I don't feel so guilty nowadays for not spending more time to play with her.

I have done her playgroup schedules for next month. I managed to book 4 times a week for next and the following week and 3 times for the third week. I stretched her 3 hr playgroup to 4 hr to include her lunch time as well. I hope having lunch there can train her to be more independent. She will learn to sit down and finish all her food by herself.

Daddy and Shannon will miss each other when Daddy goes on afternoon shift. They will see less of each other as Daddy needs to go to work at 1:30pm whereas Shannon will reach home only at 1:15pm. When Daddy comes back at 12:00am, Shannon will already be sleeping soundly! ~_~`

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