Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pocky Pocky

This is Eurasie, where we buy our chinese groceries. It was a medium groceries shop in Bordeaux central 5 years ago... and it has its own building now!! We usually go to the other Vietnamese shop in Bordeaux as their things are cheaper and the people are much friendlier.

Pocky Pocky, Shannon's favorite tibits

On Saturday, we went to Bordeaux to get some groceries and went back home at 4:00pm. . Daddy wanted to go to an Air Show at Mt de MARSAN tomorrow but I was reluctant especially when he said that it will be a 2 hours car ride! I told him that we can always wait for the Air Show in Cazaux Airbase although we do not know when it will be held.

On Sunday, Daddy spent the whole afternoon clearing the garden and planted some Chinese vegetables. He was really a great gardener... ^_^

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