Friday, June 8, 2007

Sleepless Nights

These few night, Shannon would wake up in the middle of the night and ask me to pat her. Last night, she woke me up for a few times then this morning, she woke up again at 7am asking for water! I was so tired as I had to wake up at 820am to prepare for her playgroup at 930am. Unwillingly, I got up and gave her a bottle of water and she said she wanted milk instead. I was pissed off and so, I went back to sleep leaving Daddy to entertain her. :P

I am still trying to adjust her sleeping timings as I still have to coax her for at least 1 hr then she'll fall asleep. And her waking up in the middle of the night make things worse as both of us would be too tired to wake up early in the morning. If she wakes up late in the morning, she will have a late afternoon nap and thus a late night. But for last 2 days, she only had less than 1 hr of afternoon nap which doesn't make her sleep early as well. White hair is growing all over my head... :(

However, I will still try lah. Her June's playgroup planning is done! She will have at least 3 days of playgroup weekly. Most of them starts at 9am and ends at 12pm. So she will have to wake up, have her afternoon nap, as well as her bedtime early. Yeah!

What about the night waking issue? I will bring her into the bedroom at 830pm, give her milk at 9pm and hopefully, she will sleep at 930pm. Lastly, give her another bottle of milk before I go to sleep which will be between 12am-2am. Sounds perfect isn't it! Let's see how it goes...

She seems to have accepted the fact that she has to go to playgroup no matter what. This morning, she cried when we said we were driving her to school. She sulked all the way there. As usual, she clinged onto us and cried when we reached school. After we left, she stopped crying within 5 minutes and started playing with the toys! We fetched her after 2 hrs and she reluctantly followed us home. She must have enjoyed herself in the school. However, when we asked her whether she wants to go to school, her answer is still "NO" NO HAR".....

2 friends commented ^_^:

jacqueline said...

hello, i think shannon is really cute.

i have heard on the radio a few days back, that you should try not to sit by ur child as she tries to sleep. its called poor sleep association? or something like that.
it becomes a habit and then it gets harder to kick. so have to set out a good sleep pattern. like repeat the cycle everyday so she is familiar with it.

maybe, shower, change into her pyjamas and then read her a story. they said try not to do other things after preparing for bed so the pattern preps her for bed:)

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your compliments and advices... ^_^