Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fever Fever Go Away!!!

I woke up at 8am to prepare macaroni soup for her to bring to playgroup but only realised that Shannon had a fever (38.3 Dc) when she woke up. After consulting a friend, I decided to cancel her playgroup for the day. Last night, I was already thinking of skipping playgroup today but didn't inform Daddy cos he was asleep. Anyway, she was grouchy almost the whole morning, either sitting on the sofa quietly watching her new favourite show "Dora, the explorer" or calling Mummy Mummy nonstop.

I thought Damian might also need to see a doc thus I decided to wait for them to wake up. However, Serene had decided to bring Damian to a PD instead, (maybe PD is better, but very troublesome, got to make appt leh and it is in La Teste ) thus I went to the GP straight away.

After examine her, the GP said something like she got infection in her nasal or throat area. Well, what to do? His English and my French are both Pte Ltd. He gave me three types of medicine, Nasal Spray for flu, Helyxidine for cough, and Advril for fever. Actually, I had been giving the mentioned medication to her for the past few days but her sickness is not getting any better. I drove to the Pharmacy at HyperU to buy her medicine and she dozed off on way back home.

She was recovering well on Monday and Tuesday morning. I think she must have caught another cold (Chinese they called Teng Kum) on Tuesday night when daddy brought her out to cycle. :( "Sigh" I am the one to blame lah cos I never insist Daddy to let her wear her jacket.

Sorry, my dear Shannon...

2 friends commented ^_^:

Claire Lee Xin Yu 李欣宇 said...

Hope that shannon will get well soon. It sure hurts when our kids get sick but then, on the other hand, console ourselves by saying that'll be building up their immune system! :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

hmmm...that's good if it really build up their immune system! ^_^