Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fever Subsided

Shannon's fever subsided at about 5pm.. Phew... Overall, she is recovering well, her flu and cough seems to get better too.

Daddy came home slightly later than usual as he went to collect the boxes which we tagged along with his friend's shipment. While we were unpacking , Shannon wanted to ride her tricycle. As the weather was quite cold outside, daddy cleared and created some space in the living room for her to cycle.

After daddy stacked the bouncer on the sofa he pushed aside, the living room looked spacious!!! Frankly speaking, I really missed the "SPACE" ever since the bouncer was bought back. I took the chance to vacuum the floor and daddy decided to change the orientation of the furniture to create more space! We didn't managed to finish everything as we need to let her sleep early.

Sometime I really cannot "tahan" my dear girl, she really takes after me, even though she woke up at 230pm this afternoon, she still can "dong" till 11pm!

I will send her to playgroup if she is not feverish tomorrow. At the same time, I need to schedule her playgroup timing for the coming weeks. I did my last scheduling at 9am and I only managed to book 3-4 times weekly. Thus, I have to be early and Kiasu tomorrow!

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Jo said...

Does shannon like the playdough in the shipment? :)