Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shannon Started To Paddle her Tricycle

Shannon started to paddle her tricycle!

My neck is slightly better today after taking "panadol extend" and chinese "Orh Yok Yee" plus pasting 2 "salonpas" I started to prepare and cooked dinner this evening and finally able to mop the floor which I wanted to do since last Friday. Pray hard that my neck is better tomorrow cos I need to drive her to school... sigh... I hate spraining/straining here and there.. .it takes longer time to recover here...

2 friends commented ^_^:

caroline said...

Shannon,you look so cute when you were paddling!especially when you let down your legs and pretend to be cycling,haha.....thats clever of you!
Jason and Jasmine,
guess you guys should be real proud of your cute gal!

Jo said...

Halo!! Watch out for the cars!!! Dun let her paddle so far... Shannon, do u know that Flintstone also use their legs to paddle? :D