Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Holiday Starts!!

Shannon will be on Summer Holiday for 3 L...O...N...G Weeks...

Opps.. I think I have gotten used to mornings without her... hehehe.. Okay Okay.. I know I am not a good mummy for saying that but going to playgroup few hours a day did benefit the both of us. She is more independent and sociable now, got few hours a day enjoying playing with her ever changing friends and she got to expose herself to more activities like playing with sand, sing-a-long and arts etc... As for me, I have more time for my housework, my blogging and net surfing...Hopefully, she will have no problem with the playgroup after the holidays...

I am so tired now cos I spent 3 full hours this morning packing, vacuuming, mopping the whole house despite my neck not fully recovered yet...However, I am looking forward to this weekend! As usual, Saturday will be a marketing and shopping day and this Sunday, we are going to Parc de la Coccinelle! It claimed to be the top children's park in Europe dedicated to domestic animals, 800 animals to meet, run around with and to stroke.

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Sound really great right! I am going to take tons of photos and blog abt it.

2 friends commented ^_^:

caroline said...

hi Jasmine,
ya,at least with the kids at school we will have more free time.
you are sure to enjoy yr day at the Parc de la Coccinelle!cos we went before and its really FUN!!!I,myself enjoyed too.bring along Shannon's swimsuit!theres a pool there for her to swim.Unlimited fun.......ENJOY!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Carol, thanks for your info! I never think of bring her a swimsui... Anyway, trip was cancelled as Jason needs to work.