Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 Kids = War

Last night, Dawn came to our house with her sons, Demos and Darryl. We had a short karaoke session despite kids screamings and fighting occasionally.

Demos is 3 years old, the eldest of them all, thus he entertained himself with the toys unless the younger kids disturbed him.

Darryl is 20 month, he was fasinated by the fish tank we have. This was what he did when we were not looking....

1. Put his hand in and tried to catch the fish
2. Created some wave effect in the water
3. Scooped the water with the spoon and drank it
4. Nearly threw some toys and food in

Darryl is the youngest but he is stronger than Damian and Shannon when it comes to snatching toys. His mummy called him commandor...hehe

So most of the screaming came from this 3 fellos..

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