Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bordeaux City Tram Ride

After the National Day Celebration, we headed straight to Bordeaux. Daddy brought us to the city for a walk. When Shannon saw the Merry-Go-Round, she pestered us to let her sit. Initially, we thought of buying 1 ticket for her but changed to 5 tickets (with 3 free tickets) as we know very well that she wouldn't stop at ONE ride. I stayed with her for 3 rides and asked daddy to take over cos I felt a bit nauseous after turning round and round. She reluctantly left with us after a total of 6 rides.. *_*

After the rides, we took a tram to the Chinese Provision Shop and had our coffee break at Quick Restaurant. We love the chicken wings they are selling.

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After the break, we went to make an appointment with my gynea at Jean Villa and the earliest consultation will be only on 31 August 07. We went to a BBQ gathering organised by Daddy's colleagues in La Teste and went back home at 10pm. I took out the goodies bag we collected at the celebration this morning. I was told that it was the same bag given at NDP in Singapore except it is without drinks and food. Oh, I really love the "laser" fan given although "boh hong lah"!

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