Friday, August 17, 2007

Photo & Videos Taken @ La Coccinelle

Shannon loves small animals, thus she enjoyed herself in the mini farm chasing and caressing them. I think her favourite farm animal should be the goat because she could hug and carry it whereas she had to chase the chicks and ducklings.

She took about 6 rides on this petite(mini) train.

The rides in the park are free and we are able to control the starts and stop of the rides too.

Happily bouncing away...

Slides, See-Saw, Merry-Go-Round, Clown Shows, Pyramid Robes, Waterplay etc ...

Toboggan Sack-Slide

This is called Toboggan Sack-Slide. We sat on the sack to slide down instead of sliping in it. It was fun but tiring as we have to walk up to the top. Both the kids couldn't have enough of this and kept on saying "more" "more" till we dragged them away.

This is called Inflatable Toboggan. We need to climb up by stepping the string in the middle section and slide down on the left or right side. Shannon cried when daddy brought her up the first time, thus we walked away. After we finished the park, we came back again and I brought her up again. I taught her how to climb up slowly and she started got hook on this slide too! I find it really fun and it was not as tiring as the Toboggan Sack Slide.

This is called the Tyrolienne. It is for kids above 7 years old but Shannon insisted on playing it. Thus, Daddy had to run to and fro with her while she holds on to the Tyrolienne. Daddy was panting after 3-4 runs, thus I asked him to let her go alone... hehehe... She was doing well at first, but dropped FLAT on her back when she reached the end cos we forgot that there will be a sudden jerk at the end of the Tyrolienne. Luckily, she was unhurt but refused to play anymore. To prevent this incident becoming her nightmare, we played the Tyrolienne ourselves and she got interested and started to play again... Yeah! She is really our brave and adventurer baby.

This park is really a nice place. Not only the kids were enjoying, we had fun too. At least, I don't think I will ever get to bounce on the inflatable bouncer in Singapore... ;P

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caroline said...

hi jasmine,

haha...see i told you it will be real fun there rite!not only kids but adults will love too,heehee....

Lolomum said...

Its looks so fun!!! And Shannon looks so adorable on the mini train.

Jo said...

Wow!!! Seems like great fun!!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Caroline - You are right! We are planning for next trip soon.. hehe

Cat - Thanks!