Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Singapore National Day Celebration 2007

We had a mini NDP celebration at Cazaux Lac with Daddy's colleagues. Thanks for the weather forcast! We should have enjoyed the celebration more if our attire were more appropriate... :(

-----> ---->

According to the weather forecast, the temp will be between 13 -19 degrees, thus I dressed Shannon in warmer clothing with jeans and it turned out to be bright sunny day. :( In the end, got to change her and played with her diapers on.

After listening to NDP speech, we took our pledge and sang the national anthem. Thereafter, its a series of games and food for everyone. Daddy was involved in the game of Tug-A-War, look how serious he is.

Daddy entered the coloring contest for Shannon but Shannon was more interested in the sand and the water. ^_^

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jeslyn said...

wah wah wah. i'm a singaporean in singapore and all i did was singing along with the live telecast on tv. hahaha! i didn't even wear red!