Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Gym

Today is the first lesson of the Bebe Gym we had enrolled for Shannon! She will be attending every Tuesday for an hour and the cost of the gym lesson is only 78 € per year!! Well, the facilities and the quality cannot really be compared with the "gym" school in Singapore. However, I am very contented with this extra activity for Shannon as it will help develop her sensory and physical skills. Thanks to Xavier's Mummy and Avril's Mummy for informing us.

While waiting for the instructor to "set up" the equipments for the lesson.

They have different activities for different age groups and the room is sort of multipurpose catering for different kind of classes.

Shannon jumping happily on the Trampoline. She can jump quite high for her age!

Fun for the kids!

At the end of the lesson, I think the instructor played one game called Gymjingle. It's a playful activities set to music to develop social and communication skills. The instructor will play the music and we will run or walk and when she stop the music, we have to hug our kid and sit/lie down.

There will be refreshment after every session for the kids serving biscuits and juices.

During the refreshment, the instructor said that there are too many kids in this class. They usually have only 10 students but there are 16 today. She mentioned that it had frightened some of the babies, thus they might want to split into 2 classes in future.

I think it's a good idea provided they don't split us up (total 6 Singaporean Mummies). How do you expect the kids who can run and jump behave like a 1 year old baby who can't even walk properly? Our kids were so excited running around in the room playing with everything they can. We had to follow them around to make sure they don't bump into anyone, helping them to do sommersault, reminding them that they have to keep the butts down while sliding under the sticks. Most of us commented that we were more tired than the kids... it seems like we are the one who are exercising.. hahaha

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