Monday, September 17, 2007

Mummy Goes to School (Old Hands Club)

Last night, I met my neighbour, Lily and she asked me to join her to the Old Hands Club this morning. Old Hands Club is a place whereby we can learn French from some retired volunteers. Initially, I rejected Lily as the class starts at 10am but I need to send Shannon to school at 930am. However, Lily offered to wait for me so that I could follow her car to the club. :P

Frankly speaking, I think I don't really remember how I reached the club. I was busy concentrating following her car, watching out the traffic and trying hard not to lose her. hehehe

Actually I have been to Old Hands Club in 2001 but somehow difficult to catch up with others at that time. As I had taken up some French Course in Singapore before coming to France for the first time, I stopped going to the Old Hands Club after a few times.

Anyway, the 2 hours in class today was nice and fruitful! Some of the French words was dug out from my coconut brain. But maybe I will still drop out again because I need to cook for daddy when he is working afternoon shift. Moreover, Shannon only goes to morning playgroup for 2 times starting from next week.

OK OK.. I am lazy... OK OK .. I prefer surfing net... OK OK... I can cook for daddy even before going to class... OK OK... I don need to attend every single class... OK OK... I just need to learn some french to use in the supermarkets and restaurants... OK OK .... I can even bring Shannon along!!! OK OK... I am giving so many excuses... hmmm....... anything else???

I know I know... I just couldn't have the best of MANY worlds... hahaha

Let's see how it goes...

2 friends commented ^_^:

adrian said...

When I read "daddy", I thought u meant ur own father. I asked myself how old is she that she would still call her father daddy?

Then I read a few more posts and only realized u meant ur husband. hahahaha.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Adrian, Thanks for dropping by ^_^

When I started this blog, I thought only my friends and relatives will visit us.. thus I just used Daddy loh... hehehe