Friday, September 14, 2007

PC On Strike?

I have some problem either with my PC or the Linksys Modem. I have been sitting in front of the PC for more 2 hours and managed to complete ONLY one task. I had restarted my PC and resetting the modem for 2 times (4 times today). The webpage loads so slowly and sometimes I need to click the refresh button again and again!

The Ethernet and Internet LED light on the modem have been blinking intermittently for umpteen times since yesterday! I need to spent double or triple of my time surfing the net! 20 minutes ago, the IE windows suddenly opened the same webpage again and again as if the PC kenna some robotic virus. I did a few virus and adware scan and found nothing. To make it worst, I am not an expert in all these IT stuff.

Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It is really getting on my nerves! >~< >'< >.<

What is going on with my PC? :/

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Helen said...

Hi, dropping by to see how you're doing! :-)

Could it be it's just your internet connection? I know these things are really frustrating. I used to be very 'sure' coz my hubby is around. Now that he's working in KL, I do call him whenever there's a problem. And of course I get greeted with..

"Aiyoh, I'm in the office. Can't it wait..." lol

Yeah, a sure sign his boss is around...

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for dropping by.. :)

The problem have been fixed by hubby. :) I think he switched some connection between the modem and the wireless router.

And yes! I get greeted with the same thing whenever I need help with the PC thingy..

Judy said...

Hi Jasmine, thank you for dropping by my blog.
Thought I should reciprocate. Went through your archives.
I empathise with some of your posts, such as missing your mum and some bad days and some good days.
The early days of settling in a new country is never easy.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks dropping by my blog!

Your blog is really interesting! I will go thru your archives soon.. hehehe