Friday, October 5, 2007

IVF-FET Updates

After my first appointment with Dr. Emperaire who successfully "made/created" Shannon thru our first IVF attempt a few years ago and a visit to the Biologist, I had made an appointment to go for a trial transfer tomorrow.

I did my blood test on 18 September and the Sonohysterogram on 25 September. The sonohysterogram was slightly painful. The lady used a speculum, a very thin, soft, flexible plastic catheter and inserted it through my vagina and cervix into the lower part of the uterine cavity. Then, the speculum was removed and a vaginal ultrasound probe was placed into the vagina. She injected a small amount of saline (sterile salt water) thru the catheter into the uterine cavity to separate the walls. Then, she rotated the ultrasound probe to show the long axis of the uterus or a transverse axis etc etc..

To make thing even more complicated, the lady doctor was bubbling away in French after I stepped into her room. Being really bad in French, I typically followed her instructions by guessing and looking at her body languages. Luckily I read up abit on sonohysterogram before my visit and I am quite good in reading body languages.. hehe :P

Before leaving the clinic, she passed me a copy of the ultrascan for my keepsake.

Few days ago, we received letters from the fertility clinic on my blood test and sonohysterogram. Well, it's all written in FRENCH and we just chuck it aside since the lady doctor told me everything is fine.

Anyway, after the trial transfer this Saturday, we will be making another appointment with Dr Emperaire to check on every test done and to discuss about our ACTUAL embryo transfer cycle.

Good Luck to Me!

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