Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stock Control With FORTURO

Stock control, otherwise known as inventory control, is a crucially important aspect of business and it does play a very important role in the daily operations of your company. Stock control is used to show how much stock you have at any one time, and how you keep track of it. It is important that a business always has sufficient stocks to meet its own needs and those of consumers. However, it also needs to keep the minimum amount to avoid damage and waste, and to minimise the cost of holding stock. It was indeed a very large balancing act and luckily there is always a software to help you with it.

Forturo Inventory is a comprehensive module controlling the flow of stock from purchase order through sales’ order to warehouse and delivery! Forturo Stock Control Software is easy to install as well as easy to learn and use. Their solid functional system will fits seamlessly into your business solution with a simply laid out, well designed interface, which eases the learning curve for new users.

Forturo is a browser-based, business management solution designed specifically for small to medium sized companies. They are able to configure their products which allows you to set your system up for the way you work. Their system includes a comprehensive user-based security suite which allows you to configure which modules an user has access to and which functionality within each module. With its built in remote hosting capability, you can access any information in real time and can even give your customers secure access to their own information. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can trust Forturo software is developed to the highest standards!

Some of their Key Business Benefits include reducing errors, ensuring all chargeable work is billed correctly and on time and paying for user modules you need. The Key Features in Forturo includes full user-level security, multi-warehouse, serial and non-serial number processing and multi-currency etc.

You can go to for more detailed information. Or you can either check out on their online demo or download their brochures to have a clearer view how Forturo works for you and your business!

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