Friday, October 26, 2007

Thai Feast @ Serene's House

I just came back from Serene's house after eating a Thai Feast prepared by some of the friends. They have made Oneh Oneh, sesame chicken, fried fish cake (with curry powder) and Tom Yam Soup. Serene said that she loves to eat my pineapple rice I had cooked earlier and asked me to show them.

However, the pineapple rice failed because the rice was too soft due to the excessive of pineapple juice. This is the first time I tried frying pineapple rice with different ingredient but I know what went wrong this time. Oneh Oneh was not as soft as it should be by the time I taste it. Could it be the moisture is lost without covering it with damp cloth? Sesame Chicken taste yummy, however Fish cake and the Tom Yam soup are the most successful dishes in this feast!

Oh ya.. Sorry guys.. I should have joined you earlier if I know you are making so many food. I was really busy cracking my head trying to complete my posts in my blog.

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