Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bronchitis (Day 10)

"Mummy, No Therapist!"

"Mummy, I am scared!"

This morning, Shannon muttered the above 2 sentences the moment she woke up. She started to cry when we said we would be going to see the therapist. I do not want to pacify her by saying that we are not going. The only thing I could tell her is "it is all for your own good". J even said he don't feel like going cos it is really painful to watch but I really need his help.

She was repeating the above sentences when we were in the car too and she started to cry when we reached the Therapy Center. And yes, she had the massage again this morning. Luckily it was a quick one. The therapist said she is recovering well and will be seeing her on Friday to check on her again.

We went to see the PD for her half yearly check up. She was crying when we took off her clothes for PD's examination. She is now 90cm tall weighing at 12.5kg. Her last measurement taken by us was in June which was 85cm tall weighing at 12.3kg. I am glad she had grown taller!

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