Friday, December 14, 2007

Shannon With the Disney Characters

Well, sometimes it was really hard to get close to the Disney Character as there are many many kids surrounding the Disney Characters. For some of them, we need to queue half an hour to an hour to take a photo with them. We didn't get an autograph book for Shannon as we think she is still young to appreciate. And this autograph book thingy is taking up more time when you queue up to take photos with the Disney characters. Imagine! They are using their BIG hand holding a SMALL pen signing on a SMALL autograph book. *roll eyes*

Anyway, it was drizzling thus we did not manage to get hold catch all the characters like Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Princesses and many more.

Below are some of the sweet photos taken with individual Disney Character found in

Finally, this is the last post on our Paris/Disneyland Trip. I took more than 700 photos for the trip!!! Unbelievable right? No choice lah.. I want remember every moment of my dear girl.

Overall, the trip was "quite" enjoyable. I would like to bring Shannon to Disneyland as many times as I could. Don't you think she enjoyed the trip so much? But I think she needs a few days to finish touring the whole of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio. ;p

Hopefully, J will bring us visit Disneyland again and again and again and again and again and again and again ..... LOL

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bestre said...

the pictures are so great... I havent been there but hopely if I have my kids, I could bring them there. I think shannon really enjoyed the trip...

thanks for showing the pictures to us... and what a number of pictures you have taken, lol.

Tot's Mom said...

The pictures look very nice and cute with all those Disney characters. Now, you have got me interested to make a trip to visit the Hong Kong Disneyland. Live here but still haven't bothered to drop by yet!

Ling That's Me said...

aiyo..that's it !! u've to bring me along the next time u visit Disneyland again hor!! the photos are amazing!

Helen said...

Disney is a great place for both adults and children. Love the place! lol

Actually I got a confession to make. I am quite frightened about those big dressed up characters. :-P

Glad Shannon is not afraid of them. I see she get most of the 'dogs' from Goofy to Pluto. lol

Lily Ann said...

Who's that penguin and (in the same collage the one between the dwarf and mickey) that character?
Also in the same collage as Pluto and Goofy. Who's that?

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ bestre - Thanks for dropping by. :) Ya.. It's really fun!

@ tot's mum - :) Thanks! I think the kids will love it!

@ ling - Okay! Buy a ticket to paris now! hehehe

@ Helen - Wahahaha.. hmmm... why are you afraid of them leh?

@ Lilyann - I think they are penguin from Happy Feet???

delittleones said...

u r a great mummy. migrated to france?

the pics looks terrific n i think i shld start planning for a trip like this. Future of course.

JO-N said...

Can't wait to bring my children over. Shannon looks happy and your photos are lovely.

Shannon's Mummy said...

delittleones - Thanks for dropping by. You should start planning! :P

Jo-n - Shld pay a visit to Disneyland HK!! It will be fun!