Friday, February 29, 2008

Planning Home Trip

J has been persuading me to go back Singapore for vacation since January. He has been searching for cheap airfares but I was reluctant due to the money constraint. Airfare itself already costs us about SGD3k-4k and that doesn't include the expenditure for the 3 weeks. I foresee it can easily chalk up to SGD10K-15K for that trip!!

However, I have a serious thought of going back Singapore recently. It was mainly because of Shannon. I know our relatives and friends are missing her badly. From walking to running to jumping to hopping... from saying one word and now speaking in sentences.. Shannon has grown so much... I started to imagine how happy when her grandfathers, grandmothers and Yiyi-s see her if we do go back.. I started to imagine how they could communicate with her. And all these imaginations urged me to fly back to Singapore as soon as possible.

I told J my intention and of cos he was delighted and started to check the airfares daily. He suggested that we could use the Reunion Tickets provided by his Company. These Reunion Air tickets are given to us once in 2 years but we can actually request to use it now.

We are still considering now... It will be confirm when my MIL confirms her dates of arrival in France in April. Most probably, we will be back in late April for 3 weeks. So are you guys ready to welcome us back? ^_^

Potty Trained

Actually I was suppposed to post this GREAT NEWS last October. However, it was really unbelievable that she actually wakes up AUTOMATICALLY in the middle of the night asking to pee. Moreover I thought she might end up using diapers for e next few nights anyway. Well, surprisingly my dear girl she proved me wrong...^_^

One night in last october, she started to wake up in the middle of the night and said that she wanted to shee shee. I was really unwilling to get up from the bed halfway thru my sleep so I asked her to pee in her diaper. She didn't agree to my request thus I pulled myself up and brought her to the potty.

I observed her a few nights and the same thing happened. Thus, I decided that I should take this chance and fully potty train her. I still let her wear diaper at night just in case she pee on the bed or decided to fall back to diaper. But since October till now, she wet the diaper less than 10 times and thus I would proudly announced that ...


Thursday, February 28, 2008


This evening.. I captured some videos and photos when she was doing her coloring.

Look how concentrate she was... ;p

Her "Completed" workpieces!

Is this how preschooler does their coloring?? I wonder why she doesn't colour the whole picture? ;P

Haircut by Mummy



I finally cut her hair on Monday as her fringe in front was disturbing her eyes badly. At the same time, I trim her long hair cos it got tangled up too often. Hmmmm....I must admit that it was not a very good hair cut and I think this will be my last time cutting her hair.

Well, J was not really happy with the haircut. He has been proud of his daughter's long hair as it never fails to catch passerby's attention. Although I keep telling him that Shannon's hair will grow in no time but deep in my heart, I regretted cutting it so short too... 心疼啊!

So, please...stop rubbing salt in my wound. T.T

3 Months Rest

We went to see the gynea last Saturday and were told that we have to wait for at least 3 months to do another round of IVF. He said I need to take 3 months rest before doing another round of Egg Retrieval which would probably starts in May.

I am surprised when J said that we shall take the next one a LAST try. Maybe he felt I really went thru enough of injection. or maybe he really cannot stand my Mood Swing... ;p... Anyway, I appreciate his understanding. Frankly, I might be able to endure all the pain but sometimes I wouldn't be able to know when I couldn't take the failure.

I really hope the next try will be SUCCESSFUL. As for whether it will be the last try... I really don't know...

Friday, February 22, 2008


元宵节 is the last day of Chinese New Year and we celebrated with some friends at our house. J bought the a set of 鱼生配料 for 捞鱼生 and it was not cheap! It cost us 15Euros. We bought it from a collegues who shipped over from France to Singapore and of cos I believed he earned quite a bit from here. Anyway, I don't mind since it was once a year kind of thing.

This was the 鱼生 we had last night. We don't have green raddish here, thus I took some of the white raddish to mixed with some green coloring to make it nicer.

At the same time, I cooked some mixed veg with 发菜 and hopefully everyone can 发发发 this year... hahaha

After finishing our 鱼生,we had steamboat for dinner and that's not the end of the dinner...

Mai prepared 汤圆 for us and Meizhen prepared Ice Jelly desert to bring down the heatiness after eating tom yum steamboat. No.. the gathering was not ended till we celebrated Chew's Birthday.

Although Chew's birthday was on next monday but we decided to celebrate since we had a gathering last night.

Initially, we thought we could have a round of mahjong session but it was really too late for it. Anyway, it was a great night and I wish everyone have a great year ahead!

Our Great Helper

Last Wednesday, when J was preparing the raddish for Thursday's night, Shannon insisted to help him up. Well, she is really good in it! ^_^ Look at the video if you don't believe it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, J

Happy Birthday

Initially, I was thinking of celebrating his birthday tonight together with Shannon but our friends, Mai and Eddie surprised us with a small celebrations last night! We had a great night and thanks Mai and Eddie for your efforts.

Gifts & Presents? No, we don't practice giving any presents to each other anymore. Boring right? But that's life! Yes.. No gift or presents but only hugs and kisses...LOLzzz

Happy Birthday to You, J!!


Last Saturday, we went to the Chinese Stores at Bordeaux to get some vegetables and did some grocery shopping at Carrefour Begles.

Look at the 4 items bought. We spent 8 Euros on it! 2 euros for the fish cakes each, 1.20 Euros for the beansprouts and 2 pluss Euros for the Cai Xim. Maybe we should visit the Chinese Store less often as I realised that their stuffs are really expensive.

Shannon's Art & Craft

Some events are happening in France. There are lots of costumes and mask selling around but we still did not managed to find what is going on. ;p

Last week, Shannon brought back a masterpiece done by her.

Do you know what it is? ^_^

Gym Class - 12/2/08

Last tuesday @ the Baby Gym Class..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Shannon's Boots

This pair of boots was bought at Zara's Kids few weeks ago. We were supposed to grab some cheap stuff from Zara's Kids during the sales period but we bought this pair of boots at 25 euro (at no discount) as she refused to take it off after tying on it.

We bought it for her as she was very particular or "choosey" on the shoes she wears. Moreover, the boots looked nice on her. Upon reaching home, she refused to take it off too. @_@ And now she refused to wear anything other than the boots. ^_^

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reunion Dinner @ Cazaux Airbase

On the first day of CNY, we attended J's Company Reunion Dinner at their working place. Almost all the Singaporean family was around and some of the French were invited to join in our CNY Celebration. They had set up some carts to place a variety of CNY cookies Air freight from Singapore.

The VIPs lighted the Fire Crackers to start the whole celebration (which we wouldn't be able to see back home) and there were Lion Dance Performance too. After the speech by the VIPs, we started our "" and the buffet started.

While we were having our dinner, came around to give out chocolate & sweets and at the same time, sold lucky draw tickets. We had no luck that night and thus didn't won anything ;p.

While we were eating, Shannon was either happily running around playing with her friends or playing with my camera. Below are some photos taken at the events.

The only regret for this CNY was that I should have prepared more Chinese New Year clothing for her. When she saw Jolie Jie Jie wearing a Korean Costume, the first sentence she uttered was.... Mummy, I want to wear... and that went on the whole night when she saw Jolie... ^_^ At the end of the dinner, Jolie let Shannon wear the Korean Costume for awhile and she was really happy.

I should have taken more photos... :p