Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reunion Dinner @ Cazaux Airbase

On the first day of CNY, we attended J's Company Reunion Dinner at their working place. Almost all the Singaporean family was around and some of the French were invited to join in our CNY Celebration. They had set up some carts to place a variety of CNY cookies Air freight from Singapore.

The VIPs lighted the Fire Crackers to start the whole celebration (which we wouldn't be able to see back home) and there were Lion Dance Performance too. After the speech by the VIPs, we started our "" and the buffet started.

While we were having our dinner, came around to give out chocolate & sweets and at the same time, sold lucky draw tickets. We had no luck that night and thus didn't won anything ;p.

While we were eating, Shannon was either happily running around playing with her friends or playing with my camera. Below are some photos taken at the events.

The only regret for this CNY was that I should have prepared more Chinese New Year clothing for her. When she saw Jolie Jie Jie wearing a Korean Costume, the first sentence she uttered was.... Mummy, I want to wear... and that went on the whole night when she saw Jolie... ^_^ At the end of the dinner, Jolie let Shannon wear the Korean Costume for awhile and she was really happy.

I should have taken more photos... :p

3 friends commented ^_^:

Joyful Hands said...

Happy Lunar New Year to u & your family! and happy Valentine's too. All the best to your ttc attempt!

JO-N said...

Nice experience. Shannon looks really stunning!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Joyful Hands - Thanks!

@Jo-n - Yap.. Kind of different experience. And thanks for the compliments on Shannon. ^_^