Friday, March 28, 2008

Balloons Balloons

So what to do with the left over balloons after her party?

Luckily, we never burst the balloons after her party. In fact, if all the balloons are not inflated 2 weeks later, we are going to send all the balloons to Avril's Birthday Party!! LOL..

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Party Begins....

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers from all the online friends. Shannon's fever never came back and the party continues...

Let the photos, slides and videos tell the story...


We blew about over 50 balloons by ourselves and the rest of the 30 balloons were by the hand pump. My mouth still abit achy now...hehehe


The buffet spread looked GREAT! Thanks Irene for preparing the Fried Beehoon, Thanks Dawn for preparing the Mixed Veg., Thanks Serene Zavier for preparing the Chicken Curry, Thanks Meizhen for preparing the Finger Food and beautiful Agar Agar, Thanks Mai for preparing the Sushi. J prepared the first ever successful Roasted Pork and I did the Pineapple Rice. We bought Roasted Chicken, Oyster, Prawns, Salmon to lessen our workload and added on more variety..






Thanks Eddie for taking all the above photos for us.



Saturday, March 22, 2008

1 Day Before Her Birthday

Last night @ 3am, she was still having high fever at 39.9dc.. I fed her another dose of fever medicine and start sponging her with some tepid water. Despite her crying, I continued to sponge her for about 15 minutes making sure that the temperature dropped below 39. After sponging, she was wide awake and asked for milk. While I was making her milk, she quietly sat on the sofa in the living room. She was unwilling to go back to the bedroom. I switched on the TV and let her watched for 20minutes and carried her back to the bed.

She woke up at 8 plus this morning and the fever was still on. I was still feeling goggy after a 3 hour rest. However, we had to rush to Bordeuax to get some of her party's stuff since the weather was better in the morning. Her fever subsided since lunch time and hopefully it will not come back again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

2 Days Before Her Birthday Celebration...

She is having fever since this morning. Her fever subsided after taking the medicine and went up again after her afternoon nap. Daddy came back from work and started to sponge her after I gave another dose of medicine but the fever remains. The clinics are all closed at 7pm and I was reluctant to bring her to the hospital as the weather was really bad with rain and "big" wind blowing. Moreover, the doctor will usually just do a normal check, prescribe fever medicine and ask us to monitor her at home. Thus, J decided to call the emergency medical number to get a doctor for a home visit.

As her fever was still high at 39.6˚C, we decided to bath her. However, her fever did not subside after her bath. The doctor came at 9pm, checked on her and said no infections were found. She said Shannon might have caught the virus somewhere. We told the doctor about Shannon's febrile fits history. She assured us that kids with febrile fits are normal but we have sent her to hospital for thorough check-up if it happens. She told us that fever at constantly 40˚C will not cause Febrile fits. It will only occur when the fever spike up suddenly. Anyway, we were asked to monitor her situation and called the emergency number if her fever still high on Monday.

We will be having her birthday celebration on Sunday. I hope that her fever goes away tomorrow. Birthday cake is ordered, everything for the party is planned and 70% prepared and now I am wondering how to cancel the celebration if her fever goes on? T.T

I should have insisted on canceling her school yesterday as she is recovering from her eyes infections started last Sunday. "Sigh" By the way, today was her lunar birthday and she is so sick and lethargic. T.T

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are You Joking?

blog readability test

TV Reviews

When I took the Blog Readability Test.. I was shocked at the result!

Com'on, my blog is damn easy to read ok! Or is it a sacarstic remarks? HAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darky & Coldy

Mummy.. On the light please, its "DARKY"

Mummy.. Its "COLDY"

DARKY & COLDY... are 2 new words in Shannon's dictionary. She created herself sometimes ago.. I am quite curious where she picked it up from...

Could it be because we started giving some of her favourite toys names like Odie, Spotty, Brownie?

Or actually she is saying: Mummy, its dark-in-here or cold-in-here??? She has the tendency of eating up some words in a sentences...;p

Monday, March 17, 2008

Growing Up

Shannon is going to be 3 years old coming Sunday. There will be a small celebration for her with some friends. I have done up a slide show of her first 36 months of life.. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rocking on A.....


I was hanging my clothes this morning and she requested to sit inside the basket... I left the basket with her and got busy with lunch preparation. After awhile, J signalled me to see what she is doing...

Bonding Times

This few days, J has been spending more time to play with Shannon. We opened the new toys we bought for her sometimes ago..

The first video shows her playing a toy called Caterpillar. It requires her to use the pincer to pick the balls up and put it on the hands of Dancing Caterpillars. Well, sometimes she play cheat by using her fingers to do the job instead. hahaha.. However, sometimes she creates her own games like placing the balls in a basket and bring it everywhere she goes. Or she will put it on the tables and try to stop them from rolling down the table. As the balls were really small, one orange ball had gone missing.

The second video shows her playing with the toy named Monkey Business. They need to turn the roulette and hang the monkeys on the coconut tree. They have to prevent the leaves from dropping by balancing all the monkeys on the tree. And of cos, she is still not smart enough to understand the theory.. hehehe

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dancing on ...


^_^ Last night, shannon was dancing on the chair while waiting for the food. The way she wiggled her butts makes ur day... LOL



Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Birthday Celebration ^_^

Yesterday was my birthday, I received tons of birthday wishes via email, msn msg in the morning. In the afternoon, Mai and Brayden surprised me with a Kua Nen Goh she made by herself. In the late afternoon, my neighbour, Lily knocked on my door and passes me a present. In the evening, J came back with a cake as well and bought me to dinner at a restaurant near Biganos.

I had a great day and thanks for all the things you guys did!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shannon Is Angry With Mummy

Yes..She was angry with me when I left her in the creche this morning. She ignored me when I said bye to her. She totally ignored me when I said I will pick her up later in the afternoon.. "Sigh" I think she knew that even if she cries her heart out, I will still leave her in the creche.

My dear baby... Mummy is doing all for your own good.

You will get to play with friends in the creche.
You will pick up some French in the creche which will prepare you for Nursery on coming September.
You get to play lots of other activities with friends in the creche.


Don't be angry with me .. baby..

Monday, March 3, 2008

Over Baked Butter Cake

It had been years since I last bake a butter cake. I decided to bake it on Saturday night since I have left over butter which was going to expire.

I thought it was really easy thus I anyhow creamed the butter and sugar.. lolz.. and of cos, it was unsuccessful and I have to throw away the butter and redo it again. This time, I put the butter in the microwave for 20 second and successfully creamed it with sugar. Then, I "itchy-backside", put the batter into the Mickey Mouse Mould instead of the normal rectangle mould. In the end, it was over baked... ;p Luckily it was still edible.. ^_^