Friday, March 21, 2008

2 Days Before Her Birthday Celebration...

She is having fever since this morning. Her fever subsided after taking the medicine and went up again after her afternoon nap. Daddy came back from work and started to sponge her after I gave another dose of medicine but the fever remains. The clinics are all closed at 7pm and I was reluctant to bring her to the hospital as the weather was really bad with rain and "big" wind blowing. Moreover, the doctor will usually just do a normal check, prescribe fever medicine and ask us to monitor her at home. Thus, J decided to call the emergency medical number to get a doctor for a home visit.

As her fever was still high at 39.6˚C, we decided to bath her. However, her fever did not subside after her bath. The doctor came at 9pm, checked on her and said no infections were found. She said Shannon might have caught the virus somewhere. We told the doctor about Shannon's febrile fits history. She assured us that kids with febrile fits are normal but we have sent her to hospital for thorough check-up if it happens. She told us that fever at constantly 40˚C will not cause Febrile fits. It will only occur when the fever spike up suddenly. Anyway, we were asked to monitor her situation and called the emergency number if her fever still high on Monday.

We will be having her birthday celebration on Sunday. I hope that her fever goes away tomorrow. Birthday cake is ordered, everything for the party is planned and 70% prepared and now I am wondering how to cancel the celebration if her fever goes on? T.T

I should have insisted on canceling her school yesterday as she is recovering from her eyes infections started last Sunday. "Sigh" By the way, today was her lunar birthday and she is so sick and lethargic. T.T

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jojo said...

Poor Shannon! Hope u recover fast fast for your Birthday celebration!

Princesses Mummy said...

Poor Shannon,

wishing you a speedy recovery.
waiting to see your birthday pictures lei,get well soon.