Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Birthday Celebration ^_^

Yesterday was my birthday, I received tons of birthday wishes via email, msn msg in the morning. In the afternoon, Mai and Brayden surprised me with a Kua Nen Goh she made by herself. In the late afternoon, my neighbour, Lily knocked on my door and passes me a present. In the evening, J came back with a cake as well and bought me to dinner at a restaurant near Biganos.

I had a great day and thanks for all the things you guys did!

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Moonlight_tears said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Gosh, seems like so many people that were born in March itself, that's including myself, my dad and my son.
March rocks! haha.
By the way your daughter is very cute! How old is she?


Claire & Cleo's Mummy-->Nicole said...

Hi Jas,
Happy belated birthday! So you're born in the same month as shannon right?? she's turning 3 this month on 23th??(pardon me if i remember wrongly).

Next month, my claire will be turning 3 as well. How fast time flies ya. It seems like just yesterday, we gave born to them. :)

JO-N said...

Happy belated birthday to you, Jas.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ moonlight tears - Thank you! lolz.. my girl oso born in March too. She will 3 years old on 23 this month

@ Nicole - Thanks! Yup! You are right! On the 23rd. Ya.. 3 years already and you had cleo and I am still trying.. lolz

@ Jo-N - Thanks!

Mummy to QiQi said...

it is always the happiest for children when it comes to birthday where they can be in the center of attention. Jasmine, u are a great mother, doing all your best for your child, despite living in a foreign country!!

Judy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad it was a good one for you. :)

Ling That's Me said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jas !! :)

Lily Ann said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Really late but now I'll be early for Shannon's birthday greetings. Hee!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@chinneeq - You are a great mummy as well!

@Judy, Ling & Lily - Thank you Thank you ^_^