Thursday, May 22, 2008

Changing Internet Service Provider

Well, half way while updating my blog yesterday morning, I could not get a connection to the Internet. Went to my neighbour's place to borrow her phone to call J.

ME - Dear, why there is no internet connection?
J - Really! GREAT! Wait till I am home then..
ME - #@$%^& (WTF)Wahlao, why you never tell me in advance, I am updating my blog halfway leh...
J - I am going to have my lunch(in irritating voice)
ME - #$$%^&*^%% (In my heart)

Then both of us put down our phone.....

When he came back from work, he had his dinner and played with Shannon for awhile before he started to watch his TV series...

ME- So what happen to the internet connection?
J - Oh, I changed ISP on 14th May. The new ISP needs to take over our phoneline from France Telecom.
Me - So when can we have the internet connection back.
ME - !@##$$$%%^&%#$#$$ (IN MY HEART AGAIN)

So how would you feel? I know we are going to change the ISP few months ago cos it was cheaper than the current one. Frankly, I am quite pissed up with no advance notice and further information provided to me. I guessed its a kind of respect to inform me as I am living in the household too. Moreover, I am using the computer everyday!

This morning, I took the letter from the new ISP to show my friend. GREAT! We will have our internet connection back about 2-3 weeks later!

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