Monday, June 16, 2008

Ankle Fractured

J did n0t sprained his ankle but FRACTURE it when playing soccer with his friend yesterday(letting out a big SIGH) He is not a soccer person and he doesn't even fancy watching football match. Moreover, I can't remember when is the last time he excercised. He must have injured himself during some stunt he tried to perform...hehehe

His left ankle was really swollen and he can hardly can put weight on it last evening. I suggested to fetch him to the hospital while asking Serene to take care of Shannon for us. After the X-ray, it was confirmed that his ankle was fractured with partial break in one of the bone. I took a look at the X-ray and it showed about 3/4 crack in that bone!!!

Anyway, his lower leg was plaster-casted and he was given 10 days MC. I will get his medicine tomorrow as all the pharmacy is closed. Funny right?? Ohya... need to get crutches for him as well.

Frankly, year 2008 has been quite unlucky for him. He fell sick for a few times and now he "broke" his ankle. I really hope his luck will get better after this incident. Anyway, J the emperor will be enjoying being serve by me for next 2 weeks and there goes my precious "ME" time.

In other words, who is more unlucky???? :P

4 friends commented ^_^:

Bengbeng said...

10 days might not b enuf..poor emperor. it took me omos two weeks. n to really heal 2 years :)

Ah Pang said...

Heard from Chang u broke ur ankle while playing SOCCER.

Take care Jason!
Speedy recovery man! :p

Ah Pang

jojo said...

Get well soon!!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@bengbeng - 2 years! @#$#%^$ LOL

@Ah Pang - Thanks pal!!

@Jojo - Thanks!