Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Assumption Day

Last Friday was a Public Holiday in France. Assumption Day is a religious festival that celebrates the Virgin Mary's ascent to heaven and over here they celebrated with a Grand Fireworks at Arcachon yearly.

We went early to have our dinner at the beach and to find a parking lot as there will be many people later.

After dinner, we found it bored to sit and wait, thus they kept the table back to the car and we went jalan jalan around the streets.

Faint siah.. Look at her biting the BIG Ice-Cream!!!! @_@

Then, we bought some for the kids and walked back to the beach.

Then, the kids started to enjoy the big Mickey Mouse Playground on the beach.

Shannon only played awhile and dragged her Daddy to the Trampoline. We only let her played once although she was crying for another after she came down.

This was the third time she played trampoline. She can jump better and higher than the previous time. However, she still wouldn't allow the guy to flip her too many times or throw her up higher into the sky. hehehehe

Finally, found a best spot and sat down to wait for the Fireworks to begin. The kids were enjoying themselves running around the beach. And finally, the fireworks begun!!

We reached Arcachon at about 7pm and waited till 1030pm for the Fireworks. The Fireworks lasted for about 20 minutes and we reached home only at 1230am due to the really bad traffic jam. However, it was WORTH IT... the fireworks was just right in front of us. It was magnificent!! Luckily, we had friends to accompany us or else the waiting time is really a turn off.

3 friends commented ^_^:

Ling That's Me said...

the fireworks are so beautiful!!!

renet13 said...

Awesome post. the giant ice-cream is so fascinating. if only my kids got chance to bite it. The fireworks is fantabulous. Good shots and video.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ling - ya.. beri beautiful..

@renet13 - hahaha.. thank you! Its really a great night out!