Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dinner @ Oncle Sam Saloon

Last Thursday, we went to Oncle Sam Saloon for dinner with a big group of friends. If I am not wrong, it was an American Restaurant selling their famous Ribs and Jack Daniel's Steak. We visited this restuarant a few times when we stayed here few years ago. Actually we did tried to visit the place again few months ago but couldn't find the exact location. Anyway, J checked the for the address and telephone this time.

As usual, it was very crowded. We ordered 2 sets of BBQ Spare Ribs for ourselves and a set of Chicken Nugget for Shannon. Shannon didn't touched her Chicken Nugget at all. She simply don't like it. As for myself, I still prefer the BBQ Ribs at Buffalo Grills Restaurant. Most of them ordered the Famous Jack Daniel Steak and said that it was good.

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