Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mini Kampong FunFair

Last Friday, we went to a Mini Kampong Funfair organized by our Singaporean friends. It was a really fun outing! These group of Singaporeans live around that village and they came up with this fantastic idea to strengthen our friendship here. Well, what we have here are only friends and more friends!!

They have durian ice cream, matt sugar, black glutinous rice dessert for sale on that day.

They also prepared some free snacks like mini pizzas and hotdogs for those who came. Shannon was busy munching on the hotdogs with the kids.

They also included some games like

Shaking tempo game; Ping pong on egg tray

Rubber band game; Marble game

Then some guys came up with their "instant gambling den"

Lastly, they have a Bingo Game for everyone. We bought 2 tickets @ 10 euro and won the first line bingo $15 euro. Not bad!! hehehehe

The big winners are above.

That night was really fun and we really appreciate their effort for organizing this Mini Kampong Funfair!!!

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Mummy to QiQi said...

sure it is nice to be around wit people fr same bkground n same kampung!