Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore National Day Celebration 2008


We had a Singapore National Day Celebration cum Family day last Friday. As usual, speech given by the BOSS here, recited our Singapore pledge, sang our National Anthem and the FUN began.

We had Soccers, Captain Balls and Tug-O-War going on. As for the kids, we had Build A Castle Contest and coloring contest. We participated the Build A Castle Contest for Shannon. Our team consists of Serene, Irene and May.

Serene suggested that our team of castle will be on Singapore. Thus we started digging and moulding the Singapore Map. The kids help us awhile and went to play with their friends on the beach. hahahah.. It became a contest amongs the adults...

This our finished castle!

And we are so lucky that we got the FIRST PRIZE for the Build-A-Castle contest!!! And of course our kids were so happy to receive the presents!

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