Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finger Pointing

Shannon is "finger pointing" all day long. She refuses to open her mouth to talk due to pain in her mouth. She just goes "errrrr errrr errrr *point point point" and we have to go around guessing what she wants and give it to her. She even tries not to swallow her saliva due to the pain. Her mouth smells like a "long gao" due to the ulcers as she refused to brush neither her teeth nor rinsing her mouth. Everyday, I have to go around to catch her and force the ulcer cream in her mouth to numb the area before feeding her.

Luckily, she is getting better each day. The first day, she survived with few bottles of water/barley water. She ate Alphabet Macaroni for lunch and dinner on the second day. And today, she ate some noodles, macaroni and 100ML of milk. As for the rashes, there are just a few on her foot and hands. Tonight I heard some coughing going on and I hope the cold barley water she drink daily doesn't contribute to another illness. :(

Baby Ethan who caught this HFMD is going thru a bad time too. I heard he is having rashes over the body and ulcers in his mouth. He required mummy Kym to carry him all day long. Poor Boy T.T I believe his parent must be real heart pain over this. I really hope all infected kids will recover as soon as possible and never get it again.

You\'re in my Prayers Get Well Soon

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Nicole said...

Hi Jasmine,

Poor Shannon! Really hope that she'll get well soon. I can jolly well imagine the pain and trauma she's going through. :(

Btw, check with you, you have one reader call "JJ" right?? She does read up on my blog as well and I thought of inviting her to read my blog but I've no idea how to contact her. You have any idea?? :)

Lily Ann said...

Hugs & kisses for Shannon. I pray that she'll get well soon.
A big pat/massage on the back for mummy & daddy too!

Really surprised how ignorant the doctor can be on HFMD. So I guess when you're @ the clinic, he never played precaution lah?!

You gave her english barley or China barley? I know barley can create phlegm. So if cough with phlegm, please don't give it to Shannon @ all.

Mummy to QiQi said...

shannon must be suffering. hope she heals soon!

Bengbeng said...

so sorry to hear abt ths. even adults can get it. Mrs BB got it before. her voice has never been the same since. it is still normal but in no wa similar to the wa it was before.

u got to take care of yr health cos the kid needs u

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Nicole - Thank you for your concern. Paiseh leh, have no idea about the reader.

@lily ann - Thank you for your hugs!! You are right, no precaution in the clinic at all. And I gave Shannon China Barley cos I heard not so liang.. Anyway already stopped drinking barley on Thursday.

@chinneeq - Thanks!

@Bengbeng - HUH! Tat bad!!! My girl sound funny too.. Not the voice but the way she talk...Hope it's temporary only.

Bengbeng said...

for Mrs BB it is the quality of the voice, it has become 'different'