Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About Work

This was what Shannon was doing when I brought her to work with me on one of the days. Well.. the above activity lasted for about half an hour. She was quite difficult to handle when I am working. I couldn't concentrate at all as she needed quite some attention.

I am not sure how long I am needed in Singapore. Shannon started to miss her Daddy last week and was crying to go back home in France quite a few times. Although I don't go to work daily but sometimes I have to work at home as well. Thus, I do not have much time to entertain her and I think she feels lonely.

Shannon used to have the sole attention from all the Aunties (my sisters) but now with Elyse around (who's having the most attention) she tries to get attention from them by being naughtier. Sometimes, she even tries to behave like Elyse to get attention as well. Think: Wahhh WAHHHHH *sniff Sniff *point even when she knows how to talk.

I have enrolled her into a full day childcare starting from November. Hopefully, she will feel happier in Singapore while I can concentrate to work for my MIL and get the work done asap.

Frankly, I really HATE the journey to the office from my mum's place. It's either I have to spend $15 on taxi fare (off peak) to reach the office in 20 minutes or spend 2 hours to take bus -> MRT -> bus to get to my workplace.

I really miss my carefree life back in France ...

Long Weekend


We went to Macdonald for breakfast at King's Albert Park. Shannon refused to eat the pancake we have ordered for her. She ate one piece of Hashbrown instead. After breakfast, we took some photos and headed to IMM.

We paid $9.90 for 2 pieces of pictures to be colored. Shannon can do very well for the first time with the flower. The other picture of house was done by Jes...


Let the photos tell the fun-filled Sunday at East Coast Park! :P


After spending 2 days outside, we decided to stay at home to rest on Monday. I took the chance to update my blog post as well. In the evening time, we were invited for dinner over Jacqueline's place at night with Renee.

What Else Happening??


Shannon's fringe was really long and I decided to bring her for a haircut last week.

Visiting GongGong & MahMah

We gave Gonggong & MahMah a really big surprised last Sunday. We followed JekJek Jon back to his home and appeared in front of him. GongGong and MahMah was really happy to see Shannon. After dinner, Gonggong spent all his time playing with her precious granddaughter.

Surprised! Lao Mah!!

Other than giving GongGong & MahMah a surprised. I brought Shannon to LaoMah (Great Grandma)'s house one of the weekdays last week too. Lao Mah was surprised and happy to see Shannon as well. After having lunch at her place, Shannon played some "imaginative piano music" for LaoMah... ;p

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Volcano Dinosuar & Balloon Sculpture

We bought an Explosive Volcano for Shannon to "play". You have to pour in some water and the volcano will kind of "explode" and erupt. After about an hour of erupting, the small dinosaur appeared and 2 days later, the dinosaur grew bigger. Well.. too bad, it doesn't really amazed Shannon, maybe she is just too young or simply not interested. However, she will take the dinosaur and tell everyone...

YOU/xiaoyi/mummy 看, dinosaur is bigger now!!

Anyway, she is more interested in the Balloon Sculpture. She will helped to pump the balloon and even tried to twist it. I successfully twisted the teddy bear head and flowers. Well, you really need to buy the right expensive balloon to do the twisting and turning. My sisters bought a few packets from different places and most of them burst easily.

Look at how Shannon twisited the balloon without the fear of the balloon brusting.

Kiddy Rides, Sushi & Sunglasses

Last Thursday, Sanyi and San YiZhang specially brought Shannon out for a MacDonald breakfast after bringing Elyse to a doctor. We ordered a Pancake for Shannon and she only ate a bit. Well, I guessed she preferred dipping her pancake into chocolate syrup then maple syrup.

After Sanyi and San YiZhang left for work, Xiaoyi and we continue to shop at Lot One. We let Shannon took all the kiddy rides we passed by as the kiddy rides in Singapore is cheaper compared to France.

I didn't really bought alot of stuff but Xiaoyi took this chance to shop till she drop. We took our lunch at 2:30pm at Sakae Sushi. has been 2 years since I last had Sakae Sushi. But the bills choked up to $50+++ after adding 7% GST and 10% service charge!!! Wow.. living standard in Sinagpore is getting higher and higher!

Trying on oversized sunglasses @ CottonOn

She will do the above whenever we threaten to leave her behind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Big Boo Boo

Last week, Shannon kenna a really big boo boo. She was running towards the door welcoming Yizhang back when she accidentally knocked onto the edge of the handphone YiZhang was holding. She cried on the top of her lungs at the very moment.

I ran towards her and saw a blueblack bump sticking out below her left eye. We applied some Zambak on her face and Ah Ma immediately boiled one hard-boiled egg to roll on her boo boo. It was a really bad one but was really lucky that it was not hit on her eye instead.

It really break everyone's heart by looking at the boo boo...

Dim Sum @ Great World City

Last Saturday, Grandma Rosie brought us to Great World City for dim sum lunch with Grand Aunties, JekJek Jon (J's brother) & GF Anna and YiJun & GF Jasmine. JekJek Jon came back from Aussie to tighten his braces over the weekend and thus we got to meet up. JekJek Jon had lost some weight after fixing his braces.

Oh ya, Shannon loves to eat the Porridge with Century Egg & minced meat so that day she had one bowl after another. We spent about 2 - 2.5 hrs having our lunch as one of the grand auntie could only come after work. While waiting, Anna took out her Nintendo DSL for Shannon to play. Well, it really kept her STILL for hours. ;p

After lunch, we went visit The Cosmopolitan located at Kim Seng Road which Grandma Rosie recently bought.

The Cosmopolitan's outstanding architecture was simply breathtaking. It has seven-storey-high lobbies with lush foliage and water vistas surrounding it, creating the 'au natural' feel allows residents to embrace nature in this city. The facilities include a 40-metre lap pool, jacuzzi, children's pool, residents' lounge, foot reflexology path, gym and barbeque areas. Wahhh shiokshiok.

My MIL intends to stay there for half a year before renting the apartment to expatriates. Wah really shiokshiok.


Last Friday evening, my friends invited us to their house for a gathering. I met this group of friends in France. We became very close and we maintain our friendship via msn and occasionally gathering. We had a great night chatting and so were the kids! The 2 older boys were the commanders giving task to all the little girls and boys in their "policeman games"

Oh.. I just realised the 2 "big boys" were not in the photos!! As they grow older, they became camera

Most of the kids except Shannon were all made and born in France!!! I was trying very hard that time to join them but only succeeded when all of them were 2 years old... hahahaha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah Gong's Birthday

Last Tuesday was my father's birthday. We bought a cake and had a small celebration for him. As usual, Shannon was delighted to see a cake and happily sang a birthday song to her Ah Gong. On the other hand, Elyse was excited to see the cake and anxiously wanted to get a bite of it. hehehe

These 2 photos are taken only 15 seconds apart. Elyse was crying as she couldn't wait to have the cake. She stopped crying immediately when Ah Gong stuff a piece of chocolate into her mouth.. Wakakaka

Pretty Little Shannon

These are the photos taken by Jes who hid inside the changing room with her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hamper for Elyse

Last week, we received a hamper for Elyse! My sis submitted a short write-up on her daughter and won a hamper. I tried to find some contest for Shannon to participate but failed as she is either too young or too old or we do not have enough time to finish the whole event.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Evening Out

Last night, we went to Lot 1 shopping centre for a walk with Yiyi-s. We went to Ah Kun for some coffee and went for some shopping at NTUC.

After awhile, we went to Kiddie Palace as I wanted to get her a tricycle to ride. The moment I stepped in, I saw a beautiful dress for Shannon and brought it to show her. Her eyes "sparkles" when I showed her the dress and she begun to undress ... hahahaha....

We let her tried a few dresses and decided to get the above as it was only $29.90. I find it cheap and beautiful compared with others. Photos of other dresses was in Xiaoyi's camera. I will upload it soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back In Singapore

Ooooo..finally we survived thru the 12 hours flight!!!

Saturday was quite a rush morning as the plane from Bordeaux - Paris was delayed for about 1 hr. We checked in immediately at SQ counter when we reached Paris and went for a breakfast at MacDonald. If I have double checked the time, I wouldn't want to take any breakfast at all. J told me it was 1130am when he finished his burger and I have to rush again.

Daddy broke down with tears when he said goodbye at the Departure Area. Shannon gave J a big hug and a big kiss, asking J to take care of himself and drive slowly, and then she dragged my hand and proceeded to the Hall. I brought Shannon to the Boarding Area and heard the announcement on the SQ flight will be delayed for 1 hour. I was like @#$%^&* because we can spend another half an hour with Daddy if I we are informed 10 minutes earlier.

The flight took off 1 hour later and Shannon fell asleep right away. However, she only slept for half and hour and started to watch the kids movies in the plane. We did some coloring, sticker pasting, singing etc on the plane. She managed to sleep another 3 hrs before reaching Singapore. I only managed to watch 2 movies and had some cat nap. The tedious part was bringing her to the toilet because we failed to get the 2 seater seats. We did tried to change to 2 seaters at the check in counter but the staffs are unwilling to help at all. Thus, I tried my best to cut down the toilet visiting by "synchronizing" my pee pee time with her. We went to the toilet for 4 times altogether in the 12 hours flight. Not bad huh! ;p

We reached Singapore at 8am. While I was getting some duty free liquor, I heard some baggage announcement for Shannon Lee. I walked to the baggage area and realized that one of the luggages will be delayed and only arrived on Monday. Luckily, we have bought a travel insurance and thus we will be compensated with some cash ;p

After collecting the luggage, we went for breakfast at the food court at the Airport. Shannon was having good times with her yiyi-s and gugu-s while I was enjoying my fishball noodles. I went to my MIL house in the morning as Shannon's gugu-s are going back to Australia in the evening. After lunch, I went back to my mum's place and unpacked my luggage. I felt so giddy and took a 2 hours nap as well.

After nap, we started to webcam with Daddy. Hmm... Shannon was just too busy for her Daddy. I think Daddy must be sad... hehehe.. Whenever I asked her whether she wants to go home or see daddy, her answer will be

No.. He's too far away... I wan stay Yiyi's house. :S

Anyway, we had an early night on Saturday. Lights was off before 11pm! ;p

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Count Down Starts

Custom Countdowns & MySpace Layouts

To all my friends in France,

Please take care of yourself while we are away!! Do keep in Touch Via MSN !!! :P

To all my friends & relatives back Home,

Aren't you Excited!!! Please get ready for gathering!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Princess Shannon

Finally, we went shopping this morning, Daddy bought Shannon a princess set which comes with dress, crown, magic wane and shoes. She loves it so much and is still wearing it while I am typing away... Wakakaka

Want A Ride?

On Thursday night, we got a surprise visit from Zavier with Mummy Serene and Dawn. Dawn was here to return some pots and had asked Serene to be her navigator.

While we were chatting, Zavier and Shannon took turns to ride on the tricycle. Then impatience Shannon hopped on to the tricycle Zavier was riding. Surprisingly, Zavier can actually pillion her!!!


Let me introduce the NEW mistress of J!!!

It's Renalt Espace IV!!!

Verdict - It is spacious!!!