Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About Work

This was what Shannon was doing when I brought her to work with me on one of the days. Well.. the above activity lasted for about half an hour. She was quite difficult to handle when I am working. I couldn't concentrate at all as she needed quite some attention.

I am not sure how long I am needed in Singapore. Shannon started to miss her Daddy last week and was crying to go back home in France quite a few times. Although I don't go to work daily but sometimes I have to work at home as well. Thus, I do not have much time to entertain her and I think she feels lonely.

Shannon used to have the sole attention from all the Aunties (my sisters) but now with Elyse around (who's having the most attention) she tries to get attention from them by being naughtier. Sometimes, she even tries to behave like Elyse to get attention as well. Think: Wahhh WAHHHHH *sniff Sniff *point even when she knows how to talk.

I have enrolled her into a full day childcare starting from November. Hopefully, she will feel happier in Singapore while I can concentrate to work for my MIL and get the work done asap.

Frankly, I really HATE the journey to the office from my mum's place. It's either I have to spend $15 on taxi fare (off peak) to reach the office in 20 minutes or spend 2 hours to take bus -> MRT -> bus to get to my workplace.

I really miss my carefree life back in France ...

6 friends commented ^_^:

Something About Us said...

how long will you be in Spore? How come Shannon need to be in childcare if it's only 1-2 months?

Sigh...that's the life in Spore hor...working and time for the kids..

- Ling

buffysim said...

Wow Shannon's definitely gonna have loads of fun and make so many friends when she starts attending childcare. 2 hrs bus ride, oh my gosh.... the office must be very far from your home

renet13 said...

Childcare sounds like a better idea... for both of u. U can concentrate on your wrk without her distraction..she can learn to mix with friends, experience new things in the childcare centre yet can have balance routine like play, study, eat, sleep n learn something new each day...after all u can still be with her after wrk right?

Mummy to QiQi said...

eh, jas, how come u are working in sing? me a bit blur blur liao *scratch head*

Megan and Ryan said...

Ya, why are you working in SG? How come Shannon needs to attend CC? Arent's you supposed to be in France? Paiseh, so many qtns..cos I oso blurrr leh :P

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ ling - dunno leh.. depends on how long my MIL needs me.. she needs to be in childcare so that I can help my MIL peacefully

@ dawn - yeye.. beri far away.

@ renet - Yup. you are right!

@ selina & chinneeq - haha.. I am helping my MIL with her work. Thus I am back in Singapore!!