Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah Gong's Birthday

Last Tuesday was my father's birthday. We bought a cake and had a small celebration for him. As usual, Shannon was delighted to see a cake and happily sang a birthday song to her Ah Gong. On the other hand, Elyse was excited to see the cake and anxiously wanted to get a bite of it. hehehe

These 2 photos are taken only 15 seconds apart. Elyse was crying as she couldn't wait to have the cake. She stopped crying immediately when Ah Gong stuff a piece of chocolate into her mouth.. Wakakaka

5 friends commented ^_^:

renet13 said...

wah ah Gong's bday...but looks more like Shannon's bday with her tiara ..just like a birthday girl . He He! Great pic to treasure moments with Ah gong!

buffysim said...

Wah her expression changed so quickly once she got what she wanted, haha. And Shannon looks so adorable!

JO-N said...

Happy birthday to Shannon's gong gong.

abelle | Only in Silence said...

I can see that you're all having a great time! ;o)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@renet13- hahaha.. aiyo.. she had her tiara on almost everyday.. hahaha

@dawn - HeyHey.. yalor Elyse is really cute!

@jo-n - Thank you!